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Welcome to the California Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 5 Website! California Task Force 5 (CA TF-5) is one of 28 National and one of eight California US&R Task Forces that respond as a FEMA or California OES resource during National or regional emergencies such as earthquakes, terrorist attacks, hurricanes or any other natural or manmade disaster that requires highly skilled search and rescue personnel. Although the US&R Task Forces are FEMA resources, the Task Forces work for and in support of local response agencies.

All FEMA US&R Task Forces are made up of highly trained and highly skilled responders from a wide variety of disciplines. Those disciplines include; Search Specialists, Heavy Rescue Specialists, Haz-Mat Specialists, Medical Team, Heavy Riggers, Structural Engineers, and Logisticians. CA TF-5 draws these specialists from several public safety organizations including:

  • Orange County Fire Authority (Also the Sponsoring Agency)
  • Anaheim Fire Department
  • Long Beach Fire Department
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • Montebello Fire Department
  • Orange City Fire Department

In addition to our public safety task force members, we have several private sector task force members such as physicians, structural engineers, and heavy riggers that are an integral part of CA TF-5.

We hope that your visit to the CA TF-5 website is enjoyable and informative. You will find interesting information on the FEMA US&R Program, CA TF-5 specifics, and links to our Partner Agencies. If you are a CA TF-5 member, you will have access to information on valuable training opportunities and Task Force activities. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions. Visit our FaceBook site for additional information and images.

Task Force Status

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